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About The Original Falcon Press

The Original Falcon Press was established in 2008 after the death of Alan R. Miller, Ph.D. (aka Christopher S. Hyatt), President of "New Falcon Publications". Because of the unsavory events that occurred around Dr. Miller's death, we found it necessary to create this new publishing company, "The Original Falcon Press".

We were certainly well-qualified to do so. We were involved in the creation of the original "Falcon Press" with Alan and a small team around 1980. I was Alan's friend for over 35 years and managed the day-to-day operations at Falcon for more than 20 years. .

The Original Falcon Press publishes all of Dr. Hyatt's works in addition to those of many other authors that you may already know: Antero Alli, Joseph Lisiewski, Peter J. Carroll, Phil Hine, Israel Regardie, Steve Heller and many more. Falcon is committed to maintaining and continuing the legacy begun in 1980: the publication of rebellious works that few other publishers would risk.


Nick Tharcher