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About Denny Sargent

Denny Sargent is an accomplished writer, historian and university Instructor with a Masters degree in Ancient History and Cross Cultural Communications. He was initiated into the Nath Lineage of Tantra in 1980 as taught by Shri Gurudev Dadaji Mahendranath, and has practiced and written about Tantra ever since. He has traveled extensively and conducted on-site research in more than 25 countries, including India and many other areas of Asia. He is the author of many books including: Global Ritualism; Myth & Magick Around the World; The Tao of Birth Days; and Dancing With Spirits: Festivals & Folklore of Japan. He likes snakes.


Naga Magick

Naga Magick

The Wisdom of the Serpent Lords

by Denny Sargent

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