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Howlings from the Pit: A Practical Handbook of Medieval Magic, Goetia & Theurgy

Howlings from the Pit

A Practical Handbook of Medieval Magic, Goetia & Theurgy

by Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D.
Introduction & Commentary by Mark Stavish
Afterword by David Rankine

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Product Information: 288pgs

ISBN-10: 1-935150-45-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-45-9

About the Book

Howlings from the Pit may be Dr. Lisiewski's finest work to date. For both the beginning and advanced students of occultism, it lays bare what practical magic is all about. A veritable modern magical 'grammar,' Howlings takes the reader step-by-step through the mental, psychological and physical preparations required by the 'Fathers of the Grimoires', the authors of the classical books on ceremonial magic which include The Heptameron, The Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon, The Sword of Moses and others. Lisiewski clarifies dozens of technical points critical to successful magical operations, including the most feared and desired one: evoking a spirit to physical manifestation. Alchemy, mysticism and even modern Science of Mind and New Thought are all examined in their relationship to Medieval magic.

In addition, Mark Stavish's editing and extensive commentary on the original text, places the material in the context of the magical and philosophical traditions of both East and West, thereby adding valuable insight into the nature of magic as a living tradition.

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Editorial Reviews

'Howlings from the Pit is a tour de force, demonstrating Dr. Lisiewski's exceptional knowledge and experience of the 'old school' magic of the grimoires which blends practice and philosophy in an accessible and precise style, thoroughly illuminating the material. This is further enhanced by the excellent commentary and wide-ranging editorial notes from Mark Stavish, which set Dr. Lisiewski's essays into their relevant context and provide further valuable insights on magical practice, creating a syncretic whole that unites the expertise of two of the best magical authors writing today. This unique work provides the most lucid and workable guide I have seen for working effectively with the grimoires. It is challenging, uncompromising and inspired, as magic should be!'
-- David Rankine, author of The Goetia of Dr. Rudd, The Book of Gold and The Veritable Key of Solomon

'Howlings from the Pit is less a breath of fresh air than a good strong gale. Authored by one of the most consistently original occultists of our time, Dr. Joseph Lisiewski, it offers new insights into the magic of the medieval grimoires on nearly every page. Like it or loathe it--and there are certain to be plenty of people in both categories--this is a book to reckon with, and a valuable resource for any student of magic.'
-- John Michael Greer author of The New Encyclopedia of the Occult and The Art and Practice of Geomancy

'A masterful look at the complex world of traditional and modern magical practices. The domain of angelic and demonic rituals were once a straightforward matter, and now they are wrapped in a complex cloth of psychological and modernistic interpretations. Lisiewski rends this artificial and destructive veil and shows what Medieval magic, goetia and theurgy were all about, and how they can be practiced with spiritual and cultural efficacy once again.'
-- Christopher Bilardi, author of The Red Church or The Art of Pennsylvania German Braucherei

'A no-holds-barred user's guide to magic and the mind. Lisiewski is insightful, controversial and direct in his approach to looking at magic as it was practiced by the 'Fathers of the Grimoires' rather than how we in the modern world would like to practice it--and why, all to often, modern magicians fail to get the results they are seeking in the first place. He is the last of his kind: an uncompromising genius who offers a taste of what is possible, and perhaps even what is deemed impossible, made real. This is a must read for any serious student of western spiritual practices.'
-- Paul Bowersox, author of Seeing in the Dark: Claim Your Own Shamanic Power Now and in the Coming Age

About the Author

Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D. is a noted physicist involved in the study of the Relativistic SpaceTime Continuum, and the new physics that is exploring possibility of physical time travel. A personal friend and student of both Israel Regardie and the famous Alchemist, Frater Albertus for many years, his numerous published papers on both of their teachings, and on his own forty years of practice in both Magic and Alchemy, has helped many along their own Paths.

Mark Stavish is the Director of Studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies and is a life-long student of esotericism with over 30 years experience in comparative religion, philosophy, psychology, and mysticism with emphasis on Traditional Western Esotericism. He is the author of four books, "The Path of Alchemy: Energetic Healing and the World of Natural Magic", "Kabbalah for Health and Wellness", "Freemasonry: Rituals, Symbols and History of the Secret Society", and "Between the Gates: Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and the Body of Light in Western Esotericism". His articles have appeared in numerous academic and mass market publications specializing in spiritual studies.