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Rebels & Devils

Rebels & Devils

The Psychology of Liberation

edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.
introduced by S. Jason Black
foreword by Nicholas Tharcher

contributions by William S. Burroughs
Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D.
Timothy Leary Ph.D.,
Robert Anton Wilson,
Austin Osman Spare,
Genesis P-Orridge,
Aleister Crowley,
Joseph Matheny,
Peter J. Carroll,
Israel Regardie,
Jack Parsons,
Antero Alli,
Phil Hine,
and many others

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Product Information: 424pgs

ISBN-10: 1-935150-34-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-935150-34-3

About the Book

"When he put the gun to my head at 16, I left home..."

So begins Christopher Hyatt's "Prologue" to this remarkable book.

This third revised edition brings together some of the most talented, controversial and rebellious people of our time. Many, such as Timothy Leary, William S. Burroughs, Robert Anton Wilson, Osho and Aleister Crowley, are world-famous. Other contributors, such as S. Jason Black, Joseph Matheny and Peter J. Carroll, though highly accomplished in their own fields, are not as well-known. Still others are lesser-known--for now. But, every contributor, in every article, in every aspect of their lives, has had but one focus: to bring freedom to their world.

In all of human history, the essence of the independent mind has been the need to think and act according to standards from within, not without: To follow one's own path, not that of the crowd. Inevitably it follows that anyone with an independent mind must become "one who resists or opposes an authority or established convention": a rebel.

Usually rebellion is done so quietly that no one notices. But, when others--especially others with power--recognize an individual's 'disobedience,' the rebel becomes the REBEL. And, if enough people come to agree with--and follow--the REBEL, then he becomes a DEVIL.

Until, of course, still more people agree. And then, finally, there is...GREATNESS.

Please note that for technical reasons the eBook does not include the 32 page graphic novel "Voodoo Man". However, you can click here to download it. (The jpgs in the 17MB zip file can be viewed individually with most any graphics program or the entire zip file can be opened by any of several dedicated "comic book" applications.)

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Editorial Reviews

'A toolkit for opening the mind. The reader is pulled this way and that, challenged at every step.It would be nearly impossible for anyone to come away without some kind of new perspective and personal drive.'
-- orchidslantern (for the complete review

'It's only an anthology, I thought. A nice way to ease myself into the writings that Falcon publishes. Sure it's titled "Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation", but still, it's just an anthology. Then the anthology kicked my ass...'
-- Rebecca Elson, Publisher, The Magical Buffet

'Want to stretch your brain? Want to kick the bigots and the censors where they live? Read this book! If nothing in this book flips your lid, it's screwed on too tight.'
-- Hypatia's Hoard

'A deep, richly textured book. If your library can consist of no more books than you can carry, make this one of them!'
-- Greyfox

About the Author

Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D., Adv. M.ED. was trained in psycho-physiology and clinical psychology. As a research scientist he has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in professional journals and was a Research Fellow at the University of Toronto and the University of Southern California. He fled the world of academia and state sponsored psychology to become an explorer of the human mind...creating such devices as the Radical Undoing Series. He is now a world-famous author of a wide variety of books, CDs, and DVDs on post-modern psychology, sex, tantra, kundalini and mysticism...and an advocate of brain exploration.

Timothy Leary, Ph.D. was a respected Harvard psychology professor who became a guru for hundreds of thousands of people, espousing the use of the powerful hallucinogen LSD and other mind-altering drugs as a means of brain change. After he was forced out of academia, Leary became associated with many of the great names of the time including Aldous Huxley, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Charlie Mingus. In the mid-1960s his fame grew to international proportions. He was targeted as "the most dangerous man in the world" by the U.S. government and given a 10-year sentence for possession of two marijuana cigarettes. After he was released from prison, he continued to advocate brain-change through various means, including computer software. He acted in a number of movies, and was well-regarded as a stand-up comedian/philosopher. He died of cancer in 1996.

Robert Anton Wilson is the coauthor (with the late Robert Shea), of the underground classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy which won the 1986 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award. His other writings include Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, called "the most scientific of all science fiction novels" by New Scientist, and many nonfiction works of Futurist psychology and guerilla ontology. Wilson, who sees himself as a Futurist, author, and stand-up comic, regularly gives seminars at Esalan and other New Age centers. Wilson has made both a comedy record (Secrets of Power), and a punk rock record (The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy), and his play, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, has been performed throughout the world. His novel Illuminatus! was adapted as a 10-hour science fiction rock epic and performed under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Great Britain's National Theatre, where Wilson appeared in a special cameo role. He is also a former editor at Playboy magazine.

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), also known as 'The Great Beast' and the 'Wickedest Man in the World,' was one of the most profound students of Magick, Qabalah and yoga psychology. His vast influence reaches through all modern occultism. He is widely recognized as the first Western investigator to give initiation a truly scientific method. In reconciling occultism to physical science, mathematics and philosophy, Crowley achieved a lasting synthesis that remains unsurpassed for depth of insight and comprehensiveness.