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The Invisible Forest

The Invisible Forest

by Antero Alli

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Product Information: 1 DVD (2008, 111 min.)

About the DVD

A theatre troupe camps out in a forest to perform their director's vision of Antonin Artaud's magic theatre of ghosts, gods and spirits. During their forest experiment Alex (Antero Alli), the director, is haunted by disturbing dreams where Artaud appears and mocks his ambitions. When these strange nightmares persist, Alex stops sleeping in an attempt to regain control over his mind. Sleep-deprived and with his sanity pushed to its limits, he seeks help from a Psychotherapist who suggests hypnosis as a means to uncover the source of his problems. What follows is a phantasmagorical journey through the internal landscape of Alex's subconscious memories and dreams, a sojourn that leads us to a place beyond belief, beyond words, and beyond the mind itself.

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"A Cinema of Otherness: On Subverting Mainstream Standards & Values"

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Editorial Reviews

"The Invisible Forest is full of treasures. It is able to depict those elusive mental states which prove so hard to remember or describe when we awaken from dreams. This film incites and dares the viewer to let go of concepts and accept the risky adventure of following the free, unimpeded energies of the body and mind."
--- David Finkelstein, FilmThreat (5 stars) (Click here for the entire review)

"If you are fan of arthouse cinema, the colourful works of Kenneth Anger, or the nightmarish delirium of Lynch's Inland Empire, then this film might just be the ticket. It is raw, it is impulsive, and it is rarely crystal clear. I found myself enthralled, buoyant and persistently impressed."
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"The onscreen presence of Alli makes this film particularly special...his ALEX is enigmatic, sardonic, arrogant, insightful, joyful - an unpretentious but still portentous portrait of the sort of the irascible, multidimensional artist who is not content to make myths but to provoke the nameless forces behind myth, and to bid them intrude."
--- Erik Davis, author, TechGnosis

Filmmaker Commentary

"If you view cinema as a drug, most movies out there act on the audience like tranquilizers or triple espressos, either lulling us to sleep or spiking our nerves. In this light, The Invisible Forest is a 100% organic user-friendly hallucinogen. In The Invisible Forest I apply Arthur Rimbaud's poetics of delirium for the 'deliberate disorientation of the senses' to achieve a series of altered states"
--- Antero Alli

The Underground Cinema of Antero Alli

This DVD is recorded in NTSC format (Region Free) and is compatible with all NTSC DVD players. This means that if you're in North America, the DVD will play in your DVD player. If you are in Europe, Africa or Asia, you need either a NTSC/PAL DVD player (most new ones are) or a computer with a DVD drive.

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About the Author

Antero Alli is an underground filmmaker and director of ParaTheatrical ReSearch who maintains a private astrological practice in his spare time. He is the author of Angel Tech, Angel Tech Talk, A Modern Shaman's Guide to a Pregnant Universe (with Christopher S. Hyatt), The Akashic Record Player, Astrologik, The Vertical Oracle, and Towards an Archeology of the Soul.

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