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Links to Some of Falcon's Favorite Sites

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Policies Regarding Links: We do not intentionally link to any site which has not given us permission to do so. (We also ask that if you wish to link to our site, please let us know before doing so.) Any material in quotes associated with a link comes directly from the site or site owner. Unquoted material is our own comments.

Falcon Authors Who Have Websites of Their Own

(See also the Organizations section below)

Vertical Pool Productions Antero Alli
Vertical Pool Productions

We are a small intermedia arts group dedicated to the insurrection of Poetic Imagination in the mediums of cinema, music, writing and paratheatre.
Specularium Peter J. Carroll

A site exploring the hypothesis of Three-Dimensional Time. Phil Hine

Phil Hine's personal website.
Phil would also like you to visit

BEST MiND FORWARD specializes in developing powerful leaders and highly-functioning teams through executive coaching and team leadership development.
TMT Productions Inc Crag Jensen
TMT Productions Inc

Explore the music, writing, video and sometimes esoteric, provocative and (at times) somewhat off-the-wall world of Crag Jensen and his alter-ego — Zehm Alohim.
saint natas Nathan Neuharth

Personal site of Nathan Neuharth.
Sorceress Cagliastro Sorceress Cagliastro
For those who wish to learn Blood Sorcery, Necromancy, Divination, and Directional Sorcery.
Dave Lee Dave Lee
Connected Breathwork both in person and via Skype.
Denny Sargent Denny Sargent
Comments, prose and poetry on Tantric Magick.


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