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Pages:280 pages


Joseph Lisiewski is best known for his incredible non-fiction books on "Old School Magic", but he also wrote some remarkable fiction. These "Occult/Horror" books incorporate his extensive knowledge of Magic with a real talent for crafting a riveting tale.

On a bitterly cold day in January, Gus Breach, the Chief of Police, his three deputies, and Frank Lewis, the town mortician, have no idea that the discovery of a strangely dressed, headless and bloodless corpse is about to plunge them and the residents of Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, into a horror that human reckoning says cannot exist. A desecrated grave, strange markings in the snow and signs of a violent struggle, all push Breach past the limit. A few rejected memories of a similar event trigger his intuition, and the cop's blood freezes as his instinct "To Protect and To Serve" is thrown into high gear.

Brutal murder after brutal murder force the Chief to call in the State Police and then the Army, but to no avail. All weapons are useless against the floating patch of darkness that conceals the NightShadow monstrosity within. Only with the aid of Abraham ben Yakov, a retired psychiatrist, can the horror be met head on. He alone knows the secret about NightShadow—a secret that involves a conspiracy formed on both sides of the grave, and an enemy he knew he would one day have to face…and try to destroy.

Accompany Breach, Yakov and the valiant few as they confront the madness that is NightShadow—if you dare.

Editorial Reviews

A great book. Good occult fiction is hard to find so I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that Lisiewski could write non-fiction books but fiction? Well, he did an excellent job and even hints at some magical secrets that make it even more thrilling for those into the occult.

Linus Nestor

Taut, chilling page turner. As an avid reader of traditional mysteries and fiction with a darker, hard edge, I was still unprepared for the combination presented by NightShadow. The story is well-paced with many twists and surprises and Dr. Lisiewski once again shows his erudition in all matters occult.


Dr. Lisiewski's knowledge of the occult and his ability to keep the reader at the edge of his/her seat is second to none.


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About the Author

Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D.

Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D. is a noted physicist involved in the study of the Relativistic SpaceTime Continuum, and the new physics that is exploring possibility of physical time travel. A personal friend and student of both Israel Regardie and the famous Alchemist, Frater Albertus for many years, his numerous published papers on both of their teachings, and on his own forty years of practice in both Magic and Alchemy, has helped many along their own Paths.