Under a Shipwrecked Moon

Under a Shipwrecked Moon


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Duration:96 minutes


The power of a long-dead family secret is unleashed when the rituals of a self-made shamanic punk rocker catapult him into the spirit realm in search of his father, a ship's captain who drowned at sea. Meanwhile, back in the real world, he and his family gather around the bedside of his comatose Finnish grandfather who has suddenly reappeared after a fifteen year absence. A surrealistic fable of true love, giant hedgehogs, and the mystical depths of family bonds.

Editorial Reviews

In "Under a Shipwrecked Moon," filmmaker Antero Alli presents the classic mythic tale of a hero on a vision quest, but places it in a naturalistic setting where the fabulous and the visionary is seen as a part of everyday life. In doing so, he enables the viewer to build a bridge between the quotidian and the visionary, the living and the dead.

David Finkelstein FilmThreat (4 stars) Read the full review

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About the Author

Antero Alli

Antero Alli is the author of Astrologik; Angel Tech: A Modern Shaman’s Guide to Reality Selection; The Eight-Circuit Brain: Navigational Strategies for the Energetic Body; Towards an Archeology of the Soul; The Akashic Record Player: A Non-Stop Geomantic Conspiracy; A Modern Shaman's Guide to a Pregnant Universe (with C.S. Hyatt); The Vertical Oracle (with Sylvi Pickering-Alli); and State of Emergence: Experiments in Group Ritual Dynamics. Antero is also a practicing astrologer, a prolific underground filmmaker, and an experimental theatre director.